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Why is Yogorino good for you?

Yogorino not only has a flavour that is incomparable in the world of frozen yogurt, it also stands out from the rest of the market and is unique for the beneficial health properties given by the probiotic ferments.

Probiotics = good for healthy living

This is the term that indicates selected strains of microorganisms, whose main function is to maintain our wellbeing and state of health by contrasting infections caused by pathogenic bacteria that attack our organisms every day.

The probiotic microorganisms found in Yogorino products reach our intestines alive and active, overcoming the gastric and biliary barrier, and once they arrive they work to rebalance the intestinal microflora by means of direct colonization.

Benefits from eating probiotics

  • They stimulate digestion and regulate our intestines
  • They improve the physiological balance of our organisms
  • They are much easier to digest than milk
  • They help the synthesis of certain fundamental vitamins
  • They help boost our immune defences

All our Yogorino frozen yogurt products are probiotic foods, and therefore able to bring beneficial effects for our health and promote wellbeing in our organisms. Because of this, our foods fully fall within the range of the so-called functional foods, defined by recent studies in the food sector as fundamental for the psychosomatic equilibrium of our organisms.

Open your Yogurteria!

Working since 1993 with hundreds of stores around the world today, Yogorino is a well-established company that offers a multi-product menu: frozen yogurt, gelato, coffee bar, iced drinks, parfaits, crêpes and much more besides…

A sound well-organised franchising network whose stores have a cool dynamic image.

A consolidated highly profitable business model.


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