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The famous frozen yogurt is celebrating its 25th birthday with a range of delicious news.

2018 marks a year of great celebration for Yogorino as it blows out its first 25 candles. Throughout its long history the brand has become a landmark choice for lovers of frozen yogurt: a unique, genuine, irresistible, and unbeatable flavour. To celebrate this goal, Yogorino is preparing a lot of surprises for its loyal customers: opening new brand stores, creating new gadgets, promotions for potential franchisees, and much more besides…

Yogorino is 25 years old and wants to celebrate by thanking thousands of people – colleagues, franchisees, customers – who have decided to interweave their lives with that of our brand.

It was back in 1993 when two young entrepreneurs, full of inventiveness, courage and drive, first created Yogorino: the protagonist of a business and food product journey of worldwide fame that has become a landmark for the frozen yogurt sector, and one of the first to introduce probiotic enzymes into desserts.

However, Yogorino never wanted to just be a generic frozen yogurt, but right from the start they decided to conquer a place in the hearts of all the people.

“We have grasped the opportunities offered by the sector interpreting them with passion, dedication, skill and innovative spirit.”

That is when the idea was born to create a solid widespread franchising network, with cool and attractive stores, able to satisfy the requests of consumers of all ages.

From the small Baby Yogurt in Verona, in a few years the company grew focusing on product quality, research and innovation.

“Aim high, think outside the box” is the driving force behind the brand that has rapidly grown since 1998 to form the Yogorino franchise network it is today.
The first store opened abroad in 2001 and since then growth has been constant! Now after 25 years of successful business Yogorino has become a synonym for quality and innovation.

Currently our franchise network has hundreds of stores around the world and 9 Master Franchisees in 9 different countries, with the three leading markets of Italy, Japan and Saudi Arabia followed by Oman, UAE, Bahrein, Kuwait, China and the Philippines, that are all growing rapidly.

We have a team of around 1000 people in the world, selling 20 million bowls of frozen yogurt every year.

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