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Yogorino was founded in 1993 with the idea of creating a new line of healthy, balanced and natural products to satisfy a vast consumer target.

A totally made in Italy project: from the research into the food, the Italian design, the Italian production technology and the styling that distinguishes Italy around the world. Top quality products and continuous research are the focal point of our group philosophy.

Yogorino is a genuine product with carefully selected and natural, top quality ingredients, enabling the consumer to appreciate all their sensorial qualities that no other product around the world can compare with.

The study into your Yogorino Store is assigned to Italian architects and designers who are always up to date in the latest trends, and they design the concept for the new openings and the restyling for current ones. We have hundreds of stores now in Italy and around the world.

Enter a Yogorino store and experience an enthralling flavour journey.

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