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Yogorino: a brand, a philosophy, a project born from an idea that was conceived in Italy in 1993 and is now leader in the Frozen Yogurt sector. Over the years the Yogorino brand has taken over the market, with continued reputable success.

From the first small store in Verona, in the space of a few years Yogorino has conquered more than 20 countries in 5 continents, and today can count on hundreds of own brand stores that are increasing all the time.

2021 Yogorino opens the first shops in Egypt
2020 The Yogorino team develop a new parfaits line
2019 Yogorino arrived in Vietnam
2018 Yogorino entered the Kuwait and Senegal markets
2017 Yogorino opens the first shops in Ireland and Tunisia
2016 Yogorino debuted in Spain and Georgia
2015 EXPO chooses Yogorino as a partner to represent Italy in the world.
2014 Yogorino entered the South Korea and Hungary markets
2013 Yogorino debuted in the United Arab Emirates
2012 Yogorino arrived in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Venezuela and Russia
2011 Yogorino entered the Russian market → the first Yogorino Café was opened
2010 Yogorino debuted in the China and North Africa markets
2009 Yogorino entered The Philippines
2007 The first "Frozen Yogurt + Gelato" store was opened
2006 Yogorino debuted in the U.S.A. and Middle East markets
2005 The Yogorino team began developing the Gelato line
2004 Yogorino entered the Japan market
2002 Yogorino began proposing probiotic foods
2001 The first store abroad was inaugurated
1998 Yogorino franchising was born (there was already a chain of 64 own brand stores)
1996 The first store outside the region was opened
1993 Yogorino debuted in Italy

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