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Besides Frozen Yogurt and Gelato, at Yogorino you can also find a vast range of other delicious flavoursome products:

Parfaits and confectionery, made from yogurt with fruit, chocolate and many other ingredients, ideal to serve friends at home.

Crêpes, Waffles and Pancakes, perfect for the cold winter months to warm us up, but very popular in the summer months too.

Sticks, for a tasty walk, covered with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate and grains of hazelnuts, pistachios, coconut and many other flavours to choose from.

Frappes, Smoothies and Shakes, natural products made from yogurt and delicious fresh fruit.

Water-ice, for the hot summer days, with the original yogurt flavoured YogoIce or one of the other classics like orange, black cherry, mint or lemon.

Hot chocolate, thick, creamy chocolate of different varieties and flavours.

Coffee bar, a wide range of coffee, from the traditional blends, aromatized and special blends for the more discerning palates.

Open your Yogurteria!

Working since 1993 with hundreds of stores around the world today, Yogorino is a well-established company that offers a multi-product menu: frozen yogurt, gelato, coffee bar, iced drinks, parfaits, crêpes and much more besides…

A sound well-organised franchising network whose stores have a cool dynamic image.

A consolidated highly profitable business model.


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