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In recent years Yogorino has grown worldwide and signed a number of Master Franchisee contracts, becoming the n.1 operator in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Look at the available areas and contact us for more information.
Please read our strongpoints here below:

1) Italian quality and superior materials

Yogorino frozen yogurt & smoothies are the ultimate combination of the sourness of yogurt & sweetness of gelato. Furthermore, customers can have fun choosing their own frozen yogurt with various nuts and fresh fruit toppings. The Secret of Yogorino frozen yogurt comes from it being freshly made at each store, distinguishing Yogorino from other kinds of frozen yogurt.

All the products are prepared directly in front of the customers using the choice of daily prepared toppings, excluding all forms of artificial ingredients. Probiotics not only help you to feel healthier, but actually revitalize your body so it is healthier and fresher.

2) Standard System

Each store can easily produce the frozen yogurt following the Yogorino recipe. The taste is the same in all Yogorino stores.

3) Low initial investment and high profit rate

Yogorino assists the franchisee to start the business with competitive know-how and experience, unlike any other retail business. Yogorino does its best to guarantee its global franchisees to obtain over 65/70% gross profit and 20~40% net profit by developing its R&D ability.

4) Experience and Know-how

Yogorino operates in more than 20 countries with hundreds of stores around the world including the USA, Japan, China, Italy, Russia, Venezuela, the UAE, Oman, The Philippines and Saudi Arabia. In more than 20 years Yogorino has increased its know-how and experience related to brand positioning in local markets, securing the location, assisting with the import procedures in the local country. The ability to develop local markets based on know-how and experience is another strength of Yogorino: work global, act local.

5) Vertical Chain

Yogorino is the only worldwide group in the frozen yogurt market that can proudly say: we have more than 20 years experience and we can control any phase of the process, from the nucleus production, R&D up to the distribution, retail and franchising system. This way nothing is left to chance and we can guarantee to our Master Franchisee worldwide continuity and affordability.

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