New opening Yogorino in Pescara (Italy)
Monday 01/05/2015, Yogorino invites you to the big opening of the new store in Pescara (Italy) via Italica, 44, from 5 pm. All customers (...)
FranchiseIN 2014 - Padova (Italy)
You are all invited to FranchiseIN at Padova Fiere - Padova (Italy) from November 31. to December 03. 2014   YOGORINO stand: Pad. 8 - Stand (...)

Probiotics, good for healthy living, is the term that indicates selected strains of micro-organisms or milk enzymes whose main function is to maintain our wellbeing and our state of health by the activity of contrast towards infections caused by pathogenous bacteria that attack our organism daily. They are the only strains of micro-organisms that possess these qualities because they are selected and added to foods and they manage to reach our organism alive and active to carry out their task.

Our products are probiotic foods, Our products are probiotic foods and therefore are capable of bringing beneficial effects to our health and promote wellbeing in our organism. Because of this, our foods fully come within the range of the so-called functional foods, defined by recent studies in the food field as fundamental for the psycho-somatic equilibrium of our organism.

These foods, apart from their intrinsic nutritional content (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) in a balanced ratio, contain components essentially defined as essential for life, such as probiotic enzymes activated by the presence of probiotic fibres that are all fundamental components to maintain a perfect state of health by reducing cardiovascular illnesses, infections and illnesses of immune origin.

Our foods, certainly amongst the most representative of Functional Foods, are the most complete examples of healthy foods!

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